Werewolf XI: You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive (Day 2 Game Thread)

(Repost of End of Day 1 for anyone who might not have seen it.)

Though the debates had stretched longer into the night than anyone had expected or hoped for, even the Marshals, a conclusion was finally reached in a split-second, change of mind decision on the parts of several patrons. Wynn Duffy quietly punched a table in dissatisfied anger as the Marshals began to approach his bodyguard, right as the coroners had finally came to remove the late Dickie Bennet from the premises. As they carted the body towards the doorway, Mikey made a break for it, bolting through and running towards Duffy’s vehicle, with all of the Marshals besides the restrained Raylan following in hot pursuit. Mike realized that the vehicle wouldn’t be able to get moving fast enough, but there wasn’t enough time to hijack any of the others either. He had to just keep running, or face something far worse. Marshals Mullen, Gutterson and Brooks approached and quickly drew their firearms towards the fleeing bodyguard. As he turned around and looked into their eyes desperately, knowing he was trapped, Mikey’s exasperation curdled into rage. He drew his pistol from his belt and fired wildly. On a springtime morning in Harlan, at the dead hours of two in the morning, and bathed in the glow of the streetlights, Mikey Cosmatopolis collapsed to the ground with several bullets in his chest and stomach.

All of the patrons were shooed towards their cars and ordered to meet back at the bar the following evening, or they would risk arrest.

Aomorian / Mikey Cosmatopolis is dead. He was Vanilla Town/a citizen.

Half-intoxicated and still clutching his stomach from whatever gave him such bad shits, Dewey Crowe stumbled out of Johnny Crowder’s bar and wandered off, avoiding the shitshow that was the death of Duffy’s bodyguard. As he walked, he pondered his place in all this, knowing that though he was hardly an innocent person in general, he had no greater place in this Dixie Mafia madness, and that it was more than likely no one cared about him enough to keep him around for long, when there were greater fights to be had. Soon after he was struck by this existential realization, he heard footsteps and multiple voices coming quickly from behind him. He sighed, thinking that he knew what was about to happen. The first shotgun blast ripped apart his insides, shredded his left hand, and sent him flying forward onto the ground. He barely felt the second, and his body was kicked into a nearby ditch.

Lutair / Dewey Crowe is dead. He was Vanilla Town/a citizen.

Raylan Givens was locked up and held in the Marshals’ office overnight, kept under guarded lock and key and protected from harm.

I will be flexible with regards to your language, its nature versus RP-appropriateness, as long as everyone remains committed to role-playing and remaining firmly in character throughout. The psychology and motivations of your characters take greater priority over approximation of location-accurate language.

Player/Patron List:

1. ScienceIsBad / US Marshal Raylan Givens
2. BannerThief / Boyd Crowder
3. Milkproof Robot / Deputy Chief Marshal Art Mullen
4. Creeper / Arlo Givens
5. Subsaharan / US Marshal Tim Gutterson
6. Disqus-Zecko / Wynn Duffy
7. Penny Rockatansky / Mags Bennet
8. A Winged Potato / US Marshal Rachel Brooks
9. CaptCanadaTheMystic / Loretta McReady
10. Douay Rheims Challoner / Constable Bob Sweeney
11. Buck Wonder / Ava Crowder
12. MacCrocodile / Devil Lennox

Role List, with Parentheses indicating how to refer to different positions in-game:

4 Vanilla Town (Citizens)
1 Mason (Alliance)
1 JailKeeper (Guard)
1 Cop (Investigator)
1 (Former) One-Shot DayVigilante (Trigger-happy)
1 Serial Killer
3 Mafia

IMPORTANT: NO EDITING POSTS. If you edit a post you can be killed and damage your team. Think about what you want to say before posting it.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Please make at least 3 posts per (in-game) Day, or you will be replaced.