Werewolves 7: And Then There Were None (Day Four)

The eight remaining guests fell silent. After a long spell Sub Johnson broke the silence by saying that “I can’t imagine this is not how Agnes or I guess Flaxon would have wanted to go”. They hadn’t exactly trusted Corporal Hicks but no one had him pegged for a serial killer. They retreated to the drawing room just looking to take the edge off but the alcohol they found did nothing. They just drank in relative silence only occasionally bringing up a theory. Times had changed drastically from only a couple of days ago when Tyrone’s lunatic ravings had energized the crowd.

One of them however was acting more suspiciously than the rest. “Handsome” James Hound disappeared early into the day and rarely popped in to see them. Lacking much else to go on, the beleaguered visitors fell behind him and much quicker and more unanimously than any other person. They had no malice in their hearts at that point, they just wanted it to all be over. When James did return he seemed resigned to the fate in store and for an ex-boxer he hardly put up a fight. They time just felt right.

As they cut his dead body down, they noticed a package in the corner that they had all missed. They had no desire to open it but surely it couldn’t have been placed there without them seeing it. To their surprise, it had seemingly anticipated their move ahead of time.

“Eight little Indian Boys travelling from Devon
One won’t return there and then there were seven.”

“Come on now, I hear you’re feeling down. Well, I can ease your pain and get you on your feet again. You finally did something right and got one of the gangsters. I bet you didn’t even know there were gangsters among you and yet there are still two more to go. Can you not all feel the excitement right now? The Hound wasn’t lying about being a boxer, it’s just that he was also became a murderous enforcer for a gang after he retired from his impressive, albeit marred by fixed fights, career”.

Despite this seemingly great news, the seven survivors just could not get excited about this news. Things weren’t looking good for them and they knew that the remaining gangsters would be coming at them next.

This was all confirmed the following morning when they found Penelope Raybould and Doctor Charles Moreau’s bodies. It seems one of them had been allergic to bullets and was downed by the long since missing gun with one while the other was felled by an axe. Which one was which hardly mattered at this point since the latest box to greet the remaining five gave them their worst news yet.

“Seven little Indian Boys chopping up sticks;
One chopped himself in halves and then there were six.
Six little Indian Boys trying to stay alive;
A bullet stung one and then there were five.”

“First it giveth then it taketh away. It seems you brief bit of luck wasn’t meant to last. While Penelope Raybould was supposed to be undercover as a socialite, it seems she failed in her cop-ly duties and wound up dead as a result. Don’t mourn her loss too much. She may have been the only one to know there were gangsters here but she did accidently shoot an innocent Irish child who did not deserve to be framed as some anti-British rebel and a gun stuck in his hand after he died. I guess she won’t be getting the redemption she so badly sought. While you may all have known that Doctor Charles Moreau was a bit mad, you may not have known about all those unsuspecting people he experiment on as a course of his work. I expected better out of you folk (that’s a lie) and you are this close to letting the gangsters win.”

“Handsome” James Hound is dead, he was a Gangster
Penelope Raybould is dead, she was the Cop
Doctor Charles Moreau is dead, he was Vanilla Town

Remaining Cast List

Samuel Creeper
Sub Johnson
Elizabeth Bones
Sir William Lutair-Pilkington
Onan Richardson

Remaining Role List

2 Vanilla Town
1 1-Shot Vigilante

2 Gangsters

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