Werewolf V … Grassland Nights (Day 4 Game Thread)

Werewolf game hosted by Tyrone

Please Do Not Post Unless You Are Playing And Alive
(If you’d like to watch and discuss the game, make a post here and I’ll get you a link to the graveyard: https://disqus.com/home/cha… )

The sun rose as two figures returned from the darkness. As they approached, the others realized the figures were of Flaxon Jackson and ScienceIsBad. Also a rock fell on MacCrocodiles head and he never spooned with anyone again.

Penny Brighton had been left behind. He was a Human

Day 4 Begins

Player List:

1. Potato Human
2. Subsaharan Human
3. Disqus is a Zecko
4. Mello
5. Penny
6. MacCrocolate
7. Penny Brighton Human
8. Corporal Hicks
9. Yossarianduck
10. Flaxon
11. ScienceIsTime

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IMPORTANT: NO EDITING POSTS. If you edit a post you can be killed and damage your team. Think about what you want to say before posting it.

Countdown to End of Day: http://www.timeanddate.com/…