AVCAD: AD: Scary Movie

Ok so, since we had the list of what we would consider the top 25 comedies of all time, let’s do some real talk. What are your REAL top 5 (most likely critically reviled, full of dumb humor or super flop) go-to good time comedies? Mine are probably Step Brothers, Scary Movie, Borat, Office Space, and Wayne’s World. I get that objectively, All About Eve is a better movie, but Maaaaah wiiiife! Yagshemash!

Here is the surgery I got done, for the curious:

Not pictured – cracking egg sound inside your brain. It’s awesome so far. I sort of feel like I’ve just done a Neti pot all the time now. I guess this is how normal people’s sinuses feel?

Guess what they found? The first domestic puppies! (maybe.)

I hope it was related to the only dog I would ever own, a Russian Bear Dog.


It’s 3/28 and on this day in 1930, Constantinople changed it’s name to Istanbul. Take it away, TMBG/Tiny Toons!