Werewolf Game 2 with Death and Stuff

Werewolf game hosted by Tyrone

Please Do Not Post Unless You Are Playing And Alive
(If you’d like to watch and discuss the game, make a post here and I’ll get you a link to the graveyard: https://disqus.com/home/cha… )

Hello again! Last game was a success. I thought a week break would be good and now I’m moving on to game 2 since onanymous can’t start diplomacy yet. This time the game will be the C9++ setup, which is endlessly more complicated if you want it to be, or just as simple as the last game if you ignore the data and wait for others to explain it like I usually do! Game will start Monday or Tuesday at 10:00 AM Pacific time. Days will end at 7 PM the next day, giving you 13 hours of Night. (7PM-10AM.) Votes and night actions must be placed 30 minutes before the next phase start. So votes must be in by 6:30 pm, and night actions must be in by 9:30 am.

This is a game of lying and manipulation. Attack arguments, not players. Overall, have fun and remember there’s always a good strategy. (Optimal play last game is where everyone should have essentially claimed cop and left a “peek” that shows what person you think is town, since cop got a random result on a townie. If wolves kill you, chances are they thought you were the cop and the person you claimed was town probably is. Things like that while still questioning each other.)

If you edit a post, you may not delete anything, only strikethrough. If I see you’ve removed content or changed wording, I will modkill you. This is obviously bad for your team so please just don’t do it. Thanks <3.

New players welcome! Most of last game were new players and they were AMAHZING. So if you’re interested, but nervous, ask them how it was.

Setup: http://wiki.mafiascum.net/i…

For New Players: The game at its core is split up into 2 teams. Town and werewolves. Town doesn’t know who each other are and need to find out while killing the wolves killing them off. Wolves try and trick you into voting for your fellow town as they know who each other are. It’s a game of survival and debate at its core, where your beliefs can make you suspicious or help lead you to victory.