American Dad!: S13E06 “Kiss Kiss, Cam Cam”

Episode grade: B

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, it’s inevitable that American Dad! would have to resort to recycling the same kind of basic plots that they’ve done many times before. And the whole “our marriage is in trouble because we don’t like the same things” shtick is ubiquitous in pretty much any sitcom, so it’s hard to fault them for going back to that well.

The great thing about this show, however, is their ability to take something as trite as “marriage in jeopardy” and turn it on its ear in a way the viewer really wouldn’t have expected. Stan selfishly gives Francine season tickets to the Washington Nationals baseball team, like a Peter Griffin or a Homer Simpson would do. But then Francine turns out to actually enjoy it and really gets into the game, something Lois or Marge wouldn’t even be
capable of doing, and the spoiled Kiss Cam moment is remedied by an in-car kiss (at the expense of dozens of fatalities on I-95).

Most of the A plot didn’t do a whole lot for me overall, but it was still a pretty good ride. There was just enough weirdness with Stan’s boss Avery, the kiss cam operator, and the stadium security to salvage what would normally be a fairly dismal filler episode.

Roger and Steve, one of TV comedy’s best pairings in history, star in the B-plot. It begins innocuously enough, with Steve and Roger baking cookies, but then very quickly starts spiraling into the kind of glorious ludicrousness that endears me so much to this show. Turns out one of Roger’s personas is a state legislator in Nevada, who nobly returns to shut down a polluting chemical company, but then (of course) he realizes he’s also the company’s CEO. No real new ground broken here, but plenty of great gags.

Stray observations:

“What happened?” “You were about to tell me about my birthday present, then made bird noises, got an erection, and started tongue-kissing the air.”

How did Roger get elected in Nevada without knowing how to pronounce it?

“I hate hot dogs! They remind me of uncircumcised penises! And you KNOW I don’t stand for no wormies!”

Christina Ricci SLAM.

“Check out Jason Worth in right field! He’s got ass for days!” “I think you’re hotter than he is!” “Can’t we agree on anything?! Compared to that fresh cut of meat, I’m a double-scoop of dog shit!!”

“You guys suck!” “DON’T get a room!” “I kiss my sister with more grace!”

“I don’t go to the game to be aroused! Or if you’re going to allow streaking, for heaven’s sake, allow masturbating!” Avery Bullock is definitely MVP this season so far.

That baseball montage is the kind of delightfully over-the-top absurdity this show does so goddamn well.

Not a single gay kiss in the stands? This is Washington DC for chrissake! (Also, Vince Chung is a Nats fan, apparently.)

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