Sensei Avocado

Anime Worth Watching: Template

[Anime name] ([Japanese name]) [brief description of the genre, year, number of episodes, basis of adaptation (if applicable), original creator, director, and any major staff that are important to the review.]


[Brief synopsis of the show. Try not to make this too long unless you can make it compelling/funny.]


[Main chunk of review. What draws people, what you love, etc.]


[The things people generally don’t like or might put people off. Try and be frank about it.]


Weeb level: [X/10. Describes how much anime knowledge is expected of a viewer. Very meta shows are rated high. Entry-level anime should be 4 or lower, generally. Lucky Star is probably 10/10.]

Fanservice: [X/10. Try and be as honest as possible with this. Includes male-gaze, nudity, long, drawn-out shots on shirtless men, etc. You should know it when you see it for the most part. MonMu is probably 10/10. Ecchi is pretty much exclusively 10/10.]

Quality: [X/10. This is your subjective rating. This feature is called Anime Worth Watching, so it’s mostly gonna be high scores, but try to save 10/10 for your absolute favorite shows.]

Where to Watch: [The part everyone will probably scroll to. Very important. Google helps here, but sometimes you’ll miss something. Feel free to edit this post-publishing.]