Doctor Who (Classic): Intro

While I’m sure there are many here more qualified to do the reviews of the classic run of Doctor Who (both in terms of talent and the fact that my experience with the show is limited to Seasons 1-5 and NuWho), not to mention the already great classic reviews we already have on the AV Club proper for many of them already. I felt it would be appropriate to have someone pick up the slack with the classic reviews on indefinite hiatus and to handle the reviews of the show in order instead of jumping around.

As much as I would just like to start at mid-Season 6 where I left off, I feel logically I should start over “The Unearthly Child” so newbies to the series could follow along if they wanted to and for completionist sake. What I would like to know from you folks however is really two things:

1) How frequently would you want me to post these things to follow along?
2) Does anyone with slightly more knowledge want to help out or at least post along as a sort of companion “Expert” review

I’d like to keep a regular schedule both so people can follow and as a matter of discipline for myself so if you could let me know how fast/slow you’d want me to go that would be excellent. I would like to knock them off a serial at a time (regardless of length) because really that would make analysis easier for me and because I’d prefer not to have a bunch of reviews which basically consist of me trying to stretch out a description of 22 minutes of padding.