The Avocadometer (Beta)

This is the Beta version of the Avocadometer project (name pending).  This is the place for you to rate the films your fellow commenters have written about and to see what they think about those films.  So far, there should be links added for almost every movie review done on the site.  Only reviews where one or two movies were spotlighted were counted which means features such as Month of Horror were omitted to keeps things manageable.   Eventually, we would like to add more detailed reports, however, we have run into issues setting them up for public consumption.

This project is currently being run by A Winged Potato, however, if it should prove popular and it is decided that it should be continued as a feature, it will require new management to maintain as they have enough on their plate.  So please contact @awingedpotato:disqus or the mods if you wish to offer up your services.

If you are having problems seeing the ratings on pages after the first, the problem is usually fixed by refreshing once or twice.

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