Spoil Sports: The Owl House, Season 2, Episode 18, “Labyrinth Runners”

Official plot summary: “When the Emperor’s coven comes to Hexside, Gus teams up with an unlikely ally.”

It’s heartbreaking to say, but we are nearly done with Season 2 of The Owl House. The last two episodes have really kicked the momentum into high gear, but this looks like it might be an “adventure of the week” with Gus as the star. The last time Gus got his very own episode, he was completely overshadowed by the Lumity “cheek kiss” B-story. Does that mean we’re getting a full Lumity kiss this time? Probably not, as Amity and Luz currently aren’t in the same location. Also, I guess last week’s “Eda and Lily are cornered” cliffhanger is going to get resolved, but Belos doesn’t seem to have very high standards for coven soldiers, so they should be fine.

But I’m focusing on the wrong subject here, as there’s a disappointing lack of fans who ship our sad boy Hunter with Gus, but this week might put a stop to that. Sure, Hunter has his own shit going on, but that doesn’t mean he can’t find some romance. I shall name the ship…um…”Gunter”? Does that work? (And don’t worry, Hunter can still date Luz and Willow when he has the time)

Happy spoiling, y’all!