Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (4/26)

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Next month is the anniversary to the payoff of one of the most anticipated movies of all time.

The anticipation started when Sam L. Jackson, dressed up exactly like Nick Fury in the popular Ultimates comics, invited Tony Stark to join … The Avengers Initiative. I was there opening night. I remember the collective gasp from the nerds in the audience, along with someone shouting, “Yes! Hell yes!”

The following years were a little less certain. Iron Man was already a bit of a gamble. I still remember the snickers when they said that troubled actor Robert Downey Jr. would be in the lead role. But the next ones on the slate? They’re casting a total unknown as Thor, which wasn’t exactly an A-list comic character. And… Captain America? How is that character ever going to fly in a box office increasingly reliant on non-American audiences? Critics weren’t too kind about new characters getting shoe-horned into movies. Hawkeye in Thor. Black Widow in Iron Man 2. It felt more like set-up to get you to watch the next movie rather than strong storytelling.

But at each step, each film seemed to beat the odds.

Well… not you, Incredible Hulk.

The behind the scenes also felt like an uneasy collection of clashing backgrounds. An uneasy alliance of Paramount (home of the Transformers) and Universal (home of The Fast & the Furious) eventually made way to Disney (home of The Princess Diaries) and morphed into the uneasy Disney-Sony alliance.

But eventually it came together. It was something that just had never been done before. Before then, heroes like Superman and Batman were separated into their own isolated world. Never mind one film that connects several small films together where characters from separate individual series talk an interact. Pepper Potts in the same movie where the villain from Thor is trying to take over the world by using a weapon introduced in the Captain America movie? This just wasn’t done!

The march of time and several movies have dampened the memory of the impact. After all, what is this movie on comparison to, say, having one where three different Spider-Men are meeting each other? Who cares about people from different films intersecting when M. Night Shyamalan is doing that now? What’s so crazy about so many big name actors congregating jn one place when Helen Mirren is begging to be in the Fast and Furious franchise?

In the end… you had to be there.

Bonus prompt: what movie is great, but ”you had to be there”?