If the Night Thread is Gonna Eat Somebody (It Might as Well Be You!)

Last night I treated you all to a thread centered around a song from Ferngully: The Last Rainforest which was technically about a villain loving pollution but instead sounded like it was about having a massive orgasm. Tonight I change things up by doing the exact same thing, only this time, we’re moving dangerously close to, ummm, vore territory.

Anyway, in Ferngully, after human hero Zak suddenly finds himself to be four inches tall, he is naturally terrified, but he has good reason to be as he immediately finds himself facing a lizard who wants to eat him. This lizard is voiced by Tone Lōc and starts singing a song about how hungry he is, and well, let’s just say he sounds very “satisfied” about the prospect of devouring Zak. Does he do this every day? Does he just taunt his food with this all the time before he consumes it?

By the way, I was only sort of kidding about the vore, because if you look up Ferngully on DeviantArt, you’re going to get exactly what you expect (not judging, by the way. You do you).

On another note, just like “Toxic Love” on the motion picture soundtrack, this song also has an extended version which sounds even more sexual and horny! Why did my parents let me have this album as a kid? Did they even listen to it? (I have no idea where that cassette tape is now. Maybe one day I’ll get the CD on eBay).

Interestingly enough, almost all of the songs (if not all of them) are longer on the soundtrack than in the actual movie. I suspect they were shorter in the film due to budget reasons, as Ferngully didn’t have much money to work with as it came at a time when non-Disney animated features simply didn’t bring in much cash. It wasn’t until Anastasia was given a big budget a few years later when the game truly changed in that regard,

Have a DELICIOUS night, Avocados!