The Day Thread of Depa Billaba

Depa Billaba female human Chalactan Jedi Master who was trained by Mace Windu. Seen on-screen in all three Prequel movies, she’s a rare Star Wars character whose non-canon Wookiepedia entry is shorter than her canon entry. In the canon she takes on a padawan Caleb Dume before being killed during General Order 66. He later becomes the protagonist of the animated show “Star Wars Rebels”

In book released after AotC and before RotS, Depa suffers a different fate. In the novel “Shatterpoint” she’s sent on a mission into a jungle planet and there suffers a mental breakdown, succumbing to the dark side and raising an army of natives to commit massacres against the planet’s civilians. Mace Windu is sent to terminate her command. “Heart of Darkness” but Star Wars is a nifty idea.