The Batman Sets 3rd Box Office Win With The March 18th – 20th Weekend

The box office had a pretty solid weekend overall even with nothing big opening and the month of March being essentially ceded over to The Batman. The film did take the top spot again with a $36.8 million take to bring it to the $300 million mark domestically. It’s got close to the same overseas where it’s just under $600 million worldwide and while that’s not the usual pre-pandemic levels for things of this nature, it’s definitely doing well both for a 3-hour film and for so many people like myself that would be day-one people but have completely fallen out of the theatrical engagement market.

There are a number of limited and small roll-out projects this week like X and Umma but the one that’s dominating is the release of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 from Crunchyroll. Serving as a sequel to the popular two-cour TV series that has another season coming, it’s done just under $18 million since getting underway earlier in the week and most of it coming from the weekend. That’s definitely nicely done considering it’s only in 2,297 screens and is being split between subtitled and dubbed screenings.

Next weekend sees two films going wide with 7 Days and The Lost City with another six films in limited release, including A24’s Everything Everywhere All at Once.

1.) The Batman (WB) 4,302 (-115) theaters Fri $10.6M (-43%)/Sat $15.9M/Sun $10.3M/3-day: $36.8M (-45%) Total $300.1M/Wk 3

2.) Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (Crunchy) 2,297 theaters, Fri $8.7M/Sat $5.47M/Sunday $3.5M/3-day $17.7M/Wk 1

3.) Uncharted (Sony) 3,700 (-25) theaters, Fri $2.25M (-6%)/Sat $3.47M/Sun $2.26M/3-day $8M (-13%)/Total $125.8M/Wk 5

4.) (A24) 2,865 theaters, Fri $1.77M, Sat $1.5M, Sun $1.11M, 3-day $4.4M/Wk 1

5.) Dog (UAR) 3,307 (-100) theaters, Fri $1.1M (-15%), Sat $1.8M, Sun $1.1M, 3-day $4.09M (-21%)/Total $54.2M/Wk 5

6.) Spider-Man: No Way Home (Sony) 2,585 (-117) theaters, Fri $875K (-10%) /Sat $1.42M/Sun $900K/ 3-day $3.2M (-21%)/Total $797.5M/Wk 14

7.) Death on the Nile (Dis) 2,050 (-380) theaters, Fri $498K (-25%)/Sat $761K/Sun $441k/3-day $1.7M (-29%)/Total $43.5M/Wk 6

8.) The Outfit (Foc) 1,325 theaters Fri $530K, Sat $590K, Sun $390K, 3-day $1.5M/Wk 1

9.) The Kashmir Files (Zee) 230 theaters, Fri $413K, Sat $613K, Sun $459K, 3-day $1.485M/Wk 1

10.) Sing 2 (Uni/Ill) 1,838 (-150) theaters, Fri $390K (+15%)/Sat $630K /Sun  $450K/3-day $1.48M (-8%)/Total: $158.4M/Wk 13

11.) Umma (Sony/Stage 6) 805 locations Fri $338K/Sat $352K/Sun $225K/ 3-day $915K/Wk 1

[Source: Deadline]