(Belated) Truman Cat Birthday Thread

10 years ago yesterday, Truman was born. Truman used to live in a parking lot at a K-Mart in Delaware. It’s unknown how long he spent here, but he must not have become afraid of humans, because he was eventually taken in by a rescue shelter and ended up in a PetSmart in Salisbury, MD. That’s where ScratStitchBlight met him, and they’ve been buddies ever since.

Truman is very handsome and silly. His fur glows when his “master” takes him out to go enjoy the sunshine.

Truman loves to play. He loves running around and smelling interesting things. He has a condition of some sort in his nose that makes him make loud breathing noises, but he doesn’t seem to mind this, and can sometimes be heard “cooing” like a pigeon. Truman loves to eat, so long as it’s his favorite: Fancy Feast.

Truman also enjoys the snow…in moderation. When he’s had enough, he will let Scrat know…

Have a great day, Avocados!