Werewolf – America’s Next Top HYDRA – Signups

Fashion! Drama! Smizing!

Do you have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model HYDRA?

This is Werewolf, with a bit of a twist! Instead of playing individually like normal, you’ll be playing as teams of 2 (hence, “hydra”). Each 2-person team will have a private chat where they can strategize, and will post in the game under one disqus account and for all game purposes will count as one “player”. This is a little different, so ask questions!

If you’re reading this and have thought about dipping your toe into Werewolf, jump on in! You’ll be paired up with a partner that can show you the ropes. You can take a look at the Werewolf Den to get an idea of what the game is like.

(No knowledge of ANTM is required, it’ll be pretty loosely themed)

  • 3 Wolves (all vanilla)
  • 8 Town
    • 1 Watcher – Chooses a player to watch each night, and will learn the name(s) of anyone that targets the watched player with a night action. Cannot watch the same player two nights in a row.
    • 1 Friendly Neighbor (N0+) – Chooses a player each night to reveal their alignment to. Starts on Night 0 aka before Day 1 begins. Upon their death, their list of targets is made public.
    • 6 Vanilla Town
The Game
  • Private chats will be on Discord. You can join the server with this link: https://discord.gg/qWwMFuvB
  • The game consists of Day and Night phases. During the Day, there will be a post here at the Avocado in which you may speak freely amongst yourselves. Together, you will vote on a player to remove from the game (or “day kill” for short).
  • The Day phase will end either at the pre-designated Twilight time, or when more than 50% of remaining players have voted for the same person. Whichever event triggers twilight, all game-related conversation should stop immediately.
  • The Night phase begins immediately after the result of the Day’s vote is posted. During this time, those with night actions (wolves, other roles) will submit these actions to me in a private chat.
  • Day Phases will be roughly 36 hours and Night Phases will be roughly 12 hours. I will tag you all to alert you when a new day has begun.
  • I’ll be running my usual vote spreadsheet for the game.
Important Rules
  • No Editing or Deleting Comments for Any Reason – This includes typos, double posts, posting something in the wrong thread, etc. Double check your comment before you hit Post.
  • Do not quote anything said in the private chats directly in the day threads. You may paraphrase, but copying and pasting a role description, for example, is not allowed.
  • As mentioned above, all game-related conversation must stop when twilight happens, whether or not the mod is around to call it.
  • There will be an official Vote Thread (usually the first comment of the day). Only votes in the Vote Thread will be counted.
  • Play the game! Inactivity may result in replacement. Try to make at least a few game related posts each game day.
  • Roleplay is encouraged, but isn’t required.
  • Attack arguments, not people. Be kind.


(If you have a partner in mind let me know, or, find one in the comments. If you don’t care that’s also fine, I’ll pair people up)

  1. Mrs Hunts Man Spider (Hoho / Queequeg)
  2. Marlowe Goat Scroodem & Good (Marlowe / Goat)
  3. April / Josephus
  4. Nac [Sic!] Tiffle (Sic / Tiff)
  5. Chumstabstrophe (Lindsay / Chum)
  6. Ralphroro (Grump / Ralph)
  7. SmizeBoys (Kappa / Indy)
  8. Owen / Spooky
  9. MSD / Jake
  10. Adam / Lamb
  11. Wasp/ Bresson


  1. Side
  2. Dicentra


  • Kim
  • Raven

This is a bit of an experiment so I have no idea how long it’ll take to fill up, and technically we have room for about twice the number of players as normal, so I’ll leave signups open for at least a couple days and aim to kick things off next week.