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The Friday Politics Thread Is Buzzing

Wasp Rant (Warning I am very aware of ultimately in a grand scheme that this is very silly but it still bothers me a little): The big corporate bigwigs at Mars Wrigley decided to solve a problem that nobody had with their Spokescandies for M&Ms and redesign the looks and personalities of the entire crew. Among the pointless changes was making Red less bossy and uh tying Orange’s shoe laces? But the real change that is spiking the most internet outrage today and late yesterday is changing Green’s shoes from Go-Go Boots to sneakers and with that a personality change from flirty and sensual to a “hypewoman for my friends.” It bothers me for a couple reasons. One, it feels like a very unnecessary sanding down of “edges” much like making Red less bossy they’re making their characters more bland in a bid to make them more appealing. Two, as a Woman who very much enjoys being flirty and sexual and has no issues squaring that away with being a feminist it feels really insulting that the way to make a Candy Woman more “progressive” was to bury any indication she has a sex life. I’m not alone in this thought either as this uproarious article by EJ Dickson proves. That’s my thoughts on this very silly thing. I dread having my oppositions drowned out by seas of Republicans crowing on and on about Cancel Culture and the Left ruining candy for a few days until they get distracted as always.

Remember what they (Mars Wrigley) took from you!

Today’s Song selection is in honor of the late great Meat Loaf who died today. Long may he ride out of hell! To honor his memory let us all do something for love today (just not that.) RIP Robert Paulson you will be missed. We won’t be having Meat Loaf for dinner again.

Remember don’t Hog without Poggle’s consent, support your local Clam Fighter, tip your waitress, don’t threaten Mayor McSquirrel and be excellent to each other!