30 Day Pokemon Challenge Day 21: Favorite Gen 7 Pokemon

This challenge was produced with the help of Cordyceps for the prompts!

Before sunsetting, the 3DS would see another generation of Pokemon. Generation 7 brought trainers to the Hawaiian-inspired land of Alola. Although criticized for its abundance of cutscenes, many players responded positively to the series slightly bucking trends, replacing the traditional 8-gym challenge with Island Trials and “boss fights” against powered up Totem Pokemon. It would introduce 88 new Pokemon, including variant Pokemon – alternative forms of old favorites (such as Sandshrew and Meowth) which are presented as adaptations to different climates. Which of these generation 7 Pokemon are your favorites?

If you need a refresher, here’s a handy list: https://www.serebii.net/pokemon/gen7pokemon.shtml 

Bonus prompt: Which generation 7 Pokemon are your least favorites?