Day Thread of the Los Angeles DWP Building (January 19, 2022)

Designed by Albert C. Martin and Associates and built at the top of Bunker Hill in Downtown Los Angeles, the LA DWP headquarters is a masterpiece of Corporate-International Style architecture. You might recognize it from Inception, or any of the numerous other appearances it has made in popular films and TV shows.

Construction was completed on the 17-story building in 1965, when it replaced 11 DWP offices spread out across the city. With its cantilevered concrete floors, massive lobby framing a graceful spiral staircase, expansive reflecting pools, and blazing nighttime illumination (don’t worry, it’s LEED certified Gold), the John Ferraro Building (named such in honor of a long-time City Council member) is, as Reyner Banham said, “the only public building in the whole city that genuinely graces the scene and lifts the spirit (and sits in firm control of the whole basis of human existence in Los Angeles).”

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If you’d like to learn more about this beautiful building, here’s a great, in depth examination of the structure, the site, and the Gestalt of the campus as a whole:

Have a good one, folks.