Best Video Game Song Tournament, 2013-2016: Group 8

Group 6 Results


60.00% Mario Kart 8 Animal Crossing (Winter)
60.00% Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Hypno Baron’s Castle
55.00% Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Submarine Battle
50.00% Party Hard He Knows You’re a Dancer
50.00% Shin Megami Tensei IV Tokyo
50.00% Pikmin 3 Staff Credits
50.00% Final Fantasy XV Crystalline Chill [Yoko Shimomura & Nobuo Uematsu]
40.00% Flowers: Le Volume sur Ete Monologue Summer ver.
40.00% Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn A New Hope
40.00% Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day Let’s Go Uchuu
40.00% Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth Battlefield ~ Grab Tomorrow
40.00% The Guided Fate Paradox Fight!!
40.00% Super Mario Maker Create: Super Mario Bros. 3 – Airship Theme
35.00% Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Break Out Of… [Atsushi Kitajoh]
30.00% Hitman [2016] Jordan Cross- Are We Stars? [The Class]
30.00% Final Fantasy XV Stand by Me [Florence + The Machine]
30.00% Civilization: Beyond Earth The Seeding
25.00% Dungeon of the Endless Crystal Quest
20.00% Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Snowball Scuffle
20.00% Firewatch Calm After the Storm
20.00% Caligula Effect Tokimeki*Reverie [OSTER Project]
20.00% Super Mario 3D World The Great Tower
20.00% DmC: Devil May Cry Feed the Fire
15.00% Undertale Hotel
10.00% Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Fragments of Forever


It’s time for group play! We have 2,360 songs this time, in 24-song groups1. That means 98(!) groups! For the group stage, vote for as many songs as you like! Songs will be ranked based on how many upvotes they got compared to how many people voted in that round. 2 After all groups are done, the top 512 songs from across all groups will advance to the playoffs.

…unless! After group play, but before the playoffs proper, there will be a wild card runoff! If an individual game places more than 10 songs into the top 512, songs 11+ per game will face off against songs 513+3 in a play-in round.

We’ll be “feathering” groups; voting on group 8 will be active until Thursday January 20th at 10:00PM Pacific. Group 7 will be active until 10:00PM tonight; vote here. Group 9 will start Thursday and be active until Friday, and so on. Please listen to every song! Don’t just vote name recognition.

You can listen to all songs in group 8 in this handy YouTube playlist! (Don’t worry, songs will also be linked in the comments, where voting will take place)

You can work ahead if you like:

Again, voting for group 8 is open until Thursday January 20th at 10:00PM Pacific