The Dr Wright Day Thread

The Doctor Wright Day Thread (January 17, 2022)

Congratulations Avocado! Your METROPOLIS has become a MEGALOPOLIS. Very few people can reach and maintain a city of this size! Is there still room for growth? Can you re-zone areas to increase population growth? Good luck!

Today’s Day Thread is dedicated to the classic urban planning and construction simulator game SimCity, and in particular the avuncular green haired advisor, Doctor Wright! His name and appearance was a tribute to the game’s creator Will Wright. The original game was one of my most beloved SNES cartridges; were you a fan of one of the sequels on later platforms?

If you have time today why not enjoy this excellent deep dive on the Video Game History Foundation’s website about the history of SimCity and the long-lost NES version!

Have a fine day and watch out for air crashes, earthquakes, fires, floods, shipwrecks, and Bowser attacks!