Night Thread of the North Star (1/16)

In the year 199X, Earth suffered a cataclysmic apocalypse. All civilization has been decimated. The wastelands are patrolled by beefy vandals in outlaws and armies led by men in armor that looks like it was designed by Jack Kirby.

From out of the wastelands steps Kenshiro, also known as the Fist of the North Star. He is sort of Bruce Lee if The Dragon had decided to star in a Mad Max movie. He has mastered a technical that can basically blow up people with nary a touch. His catchphrase: “You’re already dead,” spoken to his opponents roughly fives seconds before their bodies break out in giant lumps and then turning into a lump of organs like the fatalities in Mortal Kombat.

Betrayed by his brothers — one who has murdered his sensei — Kenshiro wandered the wastelands like Kane from Kung Fu. He protects those who are helpless, all the while looking for Yuria, his love who was kidnapped by another of his brothers. And could he be the one to protecting another who is actually the key to the survival of planet Earth?

It is a world where all the characters should probably have names like “Fridge Slabmeat” and “Bold Vanderhuge.” Where, despite seeing others look like they were run through a meat grinder, villains still laugh and guffaw about how Kenshiro has no chance against them. (I mean… do you guys even see all the dismembered limbs scattered around the landscape? I definitely would not be taking my chances against Kenshiro.) It is where tough dudes can have fountains of blood gushing from their open wounds, but decide to tough it out rather than seeing a doctor. It is a world where every single character looks like Rob Liefeld went, “I could make a nonunion American equavalent of that!”

This is Fist of the North Star.