The Swiss Miss Night Thread

Behold, Spider-Man’s greatest foe who only ever appeared once! So obscure she doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page!

Swiss Miss was a character created for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, the musical primarily remembered for seriously injuring multiple actors. The first version of the show used a framing device where the story was told by (sigh) the “Geek Chorus”; Swiss Miss was added to the Sinister Six1 by one of the geeks because the team needed “a woman’s touch”. Swiss Miss is defeated when, attempting to stab Spider-Man, she misses and hits Electro instead. In the heavily revised second version of the show, the Sinister Six’s role is reduced; they’re introduced in one song, vanquished not long after, and that’s that.

The thing is, at no point does either version of the show give Swiss Miss a backstory, a personality, or (as best as I can discern) even a voice. She was a blank slate, and remains one to this day since she’s never appeared in any other Spider-Man media…so no one will know if I make the rest of this up. Her powers include shiny, spinny, pointy, and the ability to open cans and bottles. Her weaknesses include electricity and being confiscated by airport security. She also has an on-again, off-again relationship with…oh, let’s say Big Wheel, and she’ll soon be starring in her very own tentpole movie from Sony Pictures.

There isn’t much professionally shot footage of the show, but Swiss Miss did appear in a performance of “A Freak Like Me Needs Company” from Letterman.

Have a good night!