The 6th Annual Pits Commenting Awards!

Welcome one and all to the 6th Annual Pits Commenting Awards!

This is the annual warning that this header is gonna be chock full of images so I recommend not viewing on mobile.

We’ve tabulated the votes and hopefully got everything right and now it’s time for the announcements!

Best Discovery – Media you have discovered as a result of The Avocado – The Media and the Person
Winner – Defunctland – Spilling over from the Youtube Thread into the Open Threads

Best Avocado Meme
Winner – Riley 1066‘s custom Hungry Hungry Hippos GIFs that respond to our increasingly outlandish chromatic demands:

Best Comment – Funny

Winner –

…wait, what is this, a crossover category???
The technical actual winner of the ‘Best Discovery’ category above in light of this one –

Best Comment – Serious
Winner – Quiet Wyatt‘s letter to the managing editor of the L.A. Times thanking the newspaper for taking 9 Chickweed Lane out of its rotation:

Best Long-form Post or Subthread
Winner – 
This discussion in Guy Talk started by Yuri Petrovitch about media depictions of male friendships and how these intersect with fandom.

Best Life Changing Advice
Winner – flowsthead with some practical advice for creating a more inclusive environment

Best username (Not poster, just name)
Winner – Frodo Corleone

Best username – Holiday
Winner – Hans, Boobie! [‘normal username’: Crybaby Boobie]

Best Avatar

Winner – Nudeador Viking the Third‘s very dapper cat in a top hat:

Best Gimmick Account
Winner Taco Bell Bell

Best Pet Photo
Winner – Uma (Nate The Lesser)

Best Use of Gifs/Photoshop
Winner – To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ (or conversely a Master’s Degree in Avocado Studies) to understand apples‘ comic edit here:

Best Political Comment
Winner – The saga of finding out the definition of Hog Poggle 1

Most Memorable Sex Clam
Winner – 

Best Recaptioning of a Cartoon
Winner Skinkie‘s edit of Susan Camilleri Konar’s cartoon:

Best Open Thread Header
Winner The Haint Blue Night Thread (12/9/21) – forget_it_jake

Covfefe-vening of the Year: Best PT Meme Spiral
Winner – 

The annual Train Sandwich Award: Best OT Meme Spiral
Winner – MANK

Best Avocado Regular(ish) Feature
Winner – SadClown‘s LGBT Movies

Favorite Thread That Doesn’t Reoccur Enough
Winner – Future Ex-Mrs Malcolm‘s Let’s Read Old Magazines!

Best New Thread
Winner – Raven Wilder‘s Ad Space

Best One-off Thread (i.e. not a weekly, recurring feature or daily thread)
Winner – Kajigger Desu‘s Neural Network that created fake Lifetime Movies

Best Tournament
Winner – Dramus18‘s Best Video Game Song Tournament: 2009-2012

Best 30-Day Challenge (specific day, not month theme)
Winner – 30-Day Animal Challenge: Favorite Dinosaur

Best Werewolf Game
Winner – Goat’s Incognito

Best Rabbit Screening
Winner – The collective Evening in the Public Domain series by Captain Video

Best Live-Chat
Winner – 93rd Academy Awards live thread, where our brains broke in real time when we realize that they tried to close out the ceremony on a posthumous Best Actor win for Chadwick Boseman, and they majorly fucked it up.

Best Review – TV
Winner – Zicholaz Zivinz‘s You Talking Trek To Me? series

Best Review – Movie
Winner – ItBegins2005‘s Discount Spinner Rack on Supergirl

Best Review – Other
Winner – Brakeman‘s review of Jason Schreier’s Press Reset

Best Artist/Album Spotlight
Winner – Testicles of DOOM ‘s (11-part!) Melvins Spotlight series

Best Original Media/Fiction for the Avocado
Winner – Gougagna‘s Gougagna Can’t Draw

Best Recipe
Winner – 

The Ack-Ack Memorial Kindest Commenter Award
Winner – Nonsequiturcat

Best Buds
Winner – Nudeador Viking the Third and LUUUUUUUUNCH

Rookie of the Year
Winner – Frodo Corleone

The Holy Guacamole Lifetime Shitposting Achievement Award – (Most Active Commenter)
Winner – Agnew

Hall of Fame nominations (Who and Why)
Winners – 

Headphone Princess for achievements in Clam-Wrangling in the Political Threads (and being all-around awesome)

Abagaderio (AKA Anukkai) for his WTF Asia series

Merve for his efforts with the Avocado Gamescast

Edgar Allan Hoe providing peeks behind the scenes of Hollywood as an intimacy coordinator.

Craig Tranquilo for his awesome site art (default featured images, logo, badges, and more)!

Best use of The Avocado as a response
Winner – 

And that wraps up 2021 for us, yet another normal-and-nothing-else-happened-at-all year! Thanks for reading and see you all in the comments!