The Avocado

1990’s Hip-Hop/Rap Tournament

I stopped and started this intro four or five times before I just gave it up. 90’s Hip-Hop doesn’t need an introduction from a suburban white dude from outside of a city that never had a rap contender. I have no solid ground to comment here at all.

But I am anyway. Because I think it will be fun. And isn’t that why we’re all here?

Ground Rules

Any 90’s release date is fair game: We talked about this for a minute. 1990-1999.

Groups vs Solo Artists: Both are fair game. Ex.: Hot Boys: OK. Juvenile: OK.

Crews/labels/etc.: Probably not. Cash Money Millionaires/no, Hot Boys/OK, Juvenile/OK.


Nominations will go as they always do.

BUT: I’m looking to set up regional brackets.

Bet. You know you want it.

We can talk about this when we have our fams set up.