The November 5, 1955 Day Thread

A lot of things have happened on November 5 over the years. The Gunpowder Plot. The elections of Wilson, FDR, Nixon, and Clinton. The public unveiling of Android. And people were born, including Vivien Leigh, Art Garfunkel, and me.

When it’s your birthday, you notice when the date pops up in media. V For Vendetta is the one people usually bring up because of the poem, but my favorite? A little movie called Back to the Future. Because…

…November 5, 1955 is the date they go back to in the first movie. And I promise, this isn’t the internet lying to you, unless the internet has somehow altered the blu-ray I own. Which would be pretty impressive, honestly.

This past year has been rough for me personally between a lost job, family problems and the pandemic. I’m working on being in a better place, but this site helped keep me sane when I wasn’t quite there yet; Werewolf, CW live threads or stupid spirals are all silly but can bring happiness all the same. Thank you for being you.

Have fun posting!