Werewolf Special Edition: Fall of the House of Steve QuickTopic!

Greetings, Werewolfers!

As you may or may not know Steve QuickTopic is putting the kibosh on our most…used off-site messaging forum. As of November 27th you will no longer be able to send messages via QuickTopic and as of December 11th the site will be completely shut down. Heads were put together and Discord emerged as the new favorite site to use. Nate has majestically set up a Server for us over there so click this link to check it out:

Werewolf Discord

As Discord is off-site from The Avocado our Mods have no power there, MWAHAHAHAHAHA! But all the same rules and regs apply there.

If you would like to send or receive notifications about games, Goat has magnanimously set up an email for that:

Werewolf Email Notifications

And finally, I think, since all of the old QTs will be disappearing we’ve been going through and saving them to a Google Drive. I’m not sure what their final destination will be but at least we’ll have them. Each game has its own folder and we’re just about finished archiving them. The folders will contain at least that game’s Graveyard and Wolf Chat but if you’d like to upload other QTs you think are relevant or just fun please do so! You can find the link to the drive over on Discord.

Well I think that’s about it. I do want to say how impressed I am by our fambly coming together so quickly and efficiently to solve this problem. Arrroooooo us! Please comment and question below.

– hoho <3