Jeopardy! recap for Fri., Oct. 22

Introducing today’s contestants:

  • Rudy, an investment manager, met his wife while serving as a bouncer;
  • Lea, a graduate student, will study neuroscience in Munich; and
  • Jonathan, an actor, literally dumped his girlfriend, but they’re still together. Jonathan is a nine-day champ with winnings of $215,900.

After a competitive first round, Lea quickly found both DDs in DJ, but lost a net $3,200 on them. Then late in the round, Jonathan cleaned up in a category on metaphors and couldn’t be caught at $19,600 vs. $4,800 for Lea and $3,800 for Rudy.

DD1 – $1,000 – WHAT’S IN A GEOGRAPHIC NAME – The “P” in Pakistan comes from this region, the name of a Pakistani province & a state of India (Rudy won $1,000 from his score of $2,600.)

DD2 – $800 – ACTORS & ACCENTS – Jonathan Groff of Lancaster, Pennsylvania worked up a posh English accent for this Broadway role in “Hamilton” (Lea lost $5,000 from her total of $7,600 vs. $8,000 for Jonathan.)

DD3 – $1,600 – YOU SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION – Nearly 30 years after the 1989 one in Czechoslovakia, Armenia had its own revolution named for this soft fabric (Lea won $1,800 from her score of $3,800 vs. $8,000 for Jonathan.)

FJ – 1970s TOP 40 HITS – Seeing a poster for a production of “Cyrano de Bergerac” in a seedy Paris hotel & ladies of the evening nearby inspired this hit

Lea and Rudy were correct, so if Lea had been right on DD2, she almost certainly would have taken the game. Jonathan dropped $5,400 to win with $14,200 for a ten-day total of $230,100. This marks the first time in show history that we’ve seen back-to-back winners of ten games or more.

Triple Stumper of the day: No one guessed the puzzle alliteratively known as this man’s “Revenge” with extra rows and no fixed center pieces is named for Rubik.

One more thing: In a category about Canadian lingo, a correct response of “What is beer” just didn’t feel complete without the “eh” at the end.

Correct Qs: DD1 – What is Punjab? DD2 – Who was King George III? DD3 – What is velvet? FJ – What is “Roxanne”? (This song topped out at no. 32 upon its U.S. release in 1979, so it fits the category, but with not a lot to spare in terms of chart position and time period. This was the only top 40 hit for The Police in the 70s, while they had eight top 40 hits in the 80s.)