Comic Book Review – We Have Demons #1

A family history you really don’t expect.

Creative Staff:
Story: Scott Snyder
Art: Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion
Colors: Dave McCraig
Letterer: Tom Napolitano

What They Say:
The conflict between good and evil is about to come to a head when a teenage hero embarks on a journey that unveils a secret society, monsters, and mayhem.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
We Have Demons is the first series in Scott Snyder’s line of books he’s doing with ComiXology Originals and it’s definitely setting a high bar for the rest of the projects that are coming. Snyder has a strong and earned reputation to be sure over the years, though I’ve only read a handful of his books since a lot of his output for the longest time was Batman, which I didn’t keep up on. Here, he’s working with long time partner and collaborator Greg Capullo and the two are clearly having a blast with this as it’s chock full of good stuff across the board. There’s a good mix of exposition to be had here that sets up a lot of the foundations of this world and this allows Capullo to really do some great layouts and storytelling through the artwork.

The premise moves back and forth a bit but we’re going to look at it in a kind of big picture piece while really encouraging folks to check it out for the deep details of how all of this works. Our central character is Lamassh, a young woman who has had a difficult life and has had a hard time finding her place in things. She lost half her right arm when she was six when a snake bit her with poison and her father had to cut it off with his axe. He spent every year thereafter for many years making her some really solid technology-based ones thanks to a college friend, though that wasn’t the first thing you’d think would happen when you find out that he is basically the leader in a small church in Florida living with his daughter. Lam’s mother died a bit before that in a hit and run but the two have bonded well.

That lasted for a number of years, though Lam started to realize that her father was involved in something with a “secret” partner and writing in his calendars that he was going to hell. Her challenging him on it when she was a bit older in her teen years lead to a rift between them, causing her to drift away and focus more on going to college and trying to find her place in the world. There’s a lot of introspective material here as we hear it from Lam telling the tale but also seeing some of the events unfold. What draws her back home is when he childhood friend June calls to tell her that her father has died and that she needs to come back for it. It’s a familiar tale of unfinished business between father and daughter with death separating them.

But what becomes really interesting, and we get some of this in the bookend material that takes place in the present, is that Lam is finally introduced to the true story about not just her father but the world. It’s a story that presents to us a world of demons but that they’re based in something dark and disturbing that came from space early in the planet’s formation. At the same time, a counterforce also ended up on Earth and helped to create not only a splinter species of mankind but also material that could be forged to deal with these demons, of which there were once a thousand but now only nine remain. And yes, it’s obvious that Lam is one of the chosen to inherit it, but it unfolds so naturally with the additional twist of the secret partner and the greater history that it’s so fleshed out and has so many neat details that you can imagine this running for dozens of issues and still just scratching the surface of it.

In Summary:
We Have Demons is a strong start to what Scott Snyder wants to do with Best Jackett Press and in working with ComiXology Originals to bring it out. This is the kind of work that has all the polish and professionalism that you expect from creatives at the top of their game without any of the problems that come from overconfidence. It delivers something that’s instantly accessible to new readers while having all the things that will draw in longtime fans of Snyder and Capullo. The story itself is open-ended in where it can go from this point and that uncertainty as to where they’re going to take it is what makes it so exciting. You’re definitely left wishing you had a dozen issues to dig into after you read the first one.

Grade: A-

Age Rating: 15+
Released By: Best Jackett Press / ComiXology Originals
Release Date: October 5th, 2021
MSRP: $4.99