Night Thread Stop Skeletons From Fighting

Hey i’m Derek, It’s me Derek,

Stop Skeletons From Fighting have been at it for a long time. Starting around 2006 as the Happy Video Game Nerd(jep it sure was 2006) Derek Alexander(and since the renaming producer/sometimes host Grace Kramer) is a pretty well known face around the oddball retro gaming parts on youtube. Mostly known for their Punching Weight series where they look at impressive technical games on less then powerful consoles(mostly the gameboys), tech failures(a recent 2 parter on the Nokia N-Gage) and just oddball stuff(the WII’s Netflix disc) it still drives by on what made the HVGN one of the better Angry Nerd ripoffs ever. Mostly just being snappy edited, being not below making fun of themselves and just well being extremely well researched. Their video on the X-Box red ring of death is among the best you will find about it but the biggest part for me always been the focus on weird bad/good games.

The Punching Weight series is I think my favorite bit of none long form gaming youtube out there and is full of games you never heard of which do insane things to scrappy consoles. Faceball 3000 was released on the gameboy and is a first person shooter with (technically) 16 player lan cable death match support. That’s pretty neat right.

Being 15 years on Youtube means their back catalogue is very big but even the Happy Video Game Nerd, while very off it’s time, is quite excellent still. Just a channel still improving after such a long time with no end insight absolutely delightful.