Werewolf Incognito (#158) – Day Three

The state-of-the-art crash test werewolf had a rich inner life. They were thinking their deep thoughts when the goat butler approached them.

“Pardon me,” the butler said. “Would you please step this way?”

“Absolutely not!” said the dummy. “You’re going to lead me to those wolves to be devoured! I’m wise to your tricks. There is no way I am budging from this spot –“

But the dummy was interrupted when the chandelier above them, loosened by four pairs of claws, came loose from the ceiling and fell, crushing the dummy into bitty bits.

The goat shrugged. I tried to get them to move, he thought, before wandering off to buttle something.

Dummy has died. They were VANILLA TOWN.

“…you see, I’m not Cool Hand Luke, and I’m not Paul Newman,” said Fifty Eggs. “I’m Fifty Eggs. It’s really not that difficult to understand.”

The mysterious figure standing nearby, who had endured the entirety of this rant, said, “What would happen if you ate fifty-one eggs?”

“I’ve never tried!” Fifty Eggs walked over to a tray of hard boiled eggs and popped one in their mouth. “Amazing! The fifty-first egg is just as delicious as –“

Unfortunately, Fifty Eggs’ metabolism was unable to endure fifty one eggs, which should have been obvious. Nevertheless, their internal organs shut down and they collapsed to the carpet, as the mysterious figure knew they would.

Fifty Eggs (all of them) have died. They were VANILLA TOWN.

“I know I wasn’t in Dragon Age 2,” said Scout Harding, “but it’s an unfairly maligned game, in my opinion. Sure, you can criticize the wonky combat and the repetitive, copy-and-paste environments, but it has an intriguing story most of the way through, and it’s the rare RPG where you aren’t the Chosen One trying to Save The World from the Big Evil Thing. Inquisition, the game I’m in, is a more refined and streamlined experience, but it’s also much safer.”

The figure next to them sighed. “That’s not what I asked,” they said. “I asked if you were a wolf.” Exasperated, they picked up one of the shards from the broken chandelier and shoved it into the dwarf’s neck.

Scout Harding has died. They were the ROLE BACKUP.

Capybara Monkeys
Caroline Decker
Charlie’s Horse
Daniel Plainview
Duchess Gummybuns
Evil Hoho
Pi Approximated
Sadie Supreme/Random Person
The Masked One
User Name
Your Favorite Cousin

A Wolf? Perhaps (Vanilla Town)
Bob Ross (Vanilla Town)
Dummy (Vanilla Town)
Fifty Eggs (Vanilla Town)
GruffiGummi (Mod)
Scout Harding (Role Backup)
We The Purple Monkey Dishwasher (Vanilla Town)
Zack Overkill (Vanilla Town)
1 Investigator – Only detects wolves.
1 Jailer – Can’t jail self; can’t jail the same player two nights in a row. Blocks the action of the player they jail (if any) and any actions that target them.
1 Two-shot Vigilante – Can shoot on nights 1 and 4 OR nights 2 and 3, their choice.
1 Town Spy – Must pass a 10 word message to the Wolf Spy once per night. The Town Spy does not know the identity of the Wolf Spy. (Both spies surviving to the end of the game triggers a special ending.)
5 Vanilla Town

1 Infectious Wolf – When killed, they can attempt one immediate recruitment. If they choose a non-vanilla player, the recruitment fails. (NOTE: See Role Backup, below.)
1 Wolf Spy – Must pass a 10 word message to the Town Spy once per night. The Wolf Spy does not know the identity of the Town Spy. (Both spies surviving to the end of the game triggers a special ending.)
2 Vanilla Wolves

1 Serial Killer – Wins when they are the last player standing.

1 Mod – Goat is also playing with a secret identity on Day One only. Tee hee!
The Mod’s secret identity can comment and will vote for a randomly selected player on Day One, but this vote will not be counted in the final tally. The Mod’s identity will be revealed at Twilight, and if the Mod has the most votes to be day-killed, a special event occurs.

1 Role Backup – Takes over the role of the first non-vanilla player to die (except Spies). If two or more roled players die at the same time, the Role Backup will choose what role they want to take over.
(NOTE: If the Infectious Wolf is the first roled player to die, their recruitment attempt is canceled, instead the Role Backup automatically becomes a wolf.)
No quoting or screencapping from QTs. Do not ask other players about their QTs in an attempt to figure out what role they have.
– You cannot edit any of your posts. However, you must delete accidental posts made with your main account (see Special Rule 2).
– A tie vote at Twilight results in RNG amongst the tied players.
Participation: You must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being replaced.
Be nice: Attack arguments, not people.
– Night Action Order of Operations: Jailing > investigation > spy messages > kills.

SPECIAL RULE 1: Players are NOT allowed to “claim” or hint at their real Avocado identity or the identity of another player. You are also not allowed to ask or prod other players to reveal their real identity. You can speculate about others’ identities but cannot ask direct questions (and they should neither confirm nor deny any speculation).

SPECIAL RULE 2: This game has a slight change to the post edit rules. If you accidentally make a post with your primary Disqus account, you MUST delete your post.

I expect this might happen, so no big deal if it does, but I will ask you to delete your post if I see it before you delete.

I suggest keeping this game open in a different browser if you’re also going to post on other Avocado threads (e.g., use Firefox for this game and use Chrome for your normal Disqus account).

Day One, Day Two

Twilight is at 11am PST (2pm EST) on Friday, July 23.