Friday Politics Thread’s European Vacation

President Biden is in Europe! Fleeing from cicadas! Possibly even fixing our broken image on the Global Stage. I know, what with the COVID and the Insurrection and the Unemployment and the Racism and Cancelling and Immigration and all, we haven’t had time to remember that the last president also destroyed our global standing. So hopefully we get some improvement on that score in the coming days.

This week in RoRo: This week, RoRo started having guests over for dinner. RoRo decided to invite her friends to eat with us at each meal, where they get a bib, utensils and their own plate. Who was our first guest of honor this week? Why, none other than Duplo Joker! Duplo Joker was RoRo’s best friend for a few days, until they apparently had a falling out, and then Duplo Batman started coming to dinner instead. This morning, Duplo Snow White was there. Apparently Duplo Super Horse (a horse with Duplo Batman’s cape around their neck) got to go to the library. I tried to explain that Super Horse’s name was Comet, but Wifebaby just shook her head and called me a nerd.

The standard Friday rules apply. You know what they are. Don’t push me.

Happy Friday!