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The Thursday Politics Thread Will Be Reinstated By August

Mornin’ Politocadoes!

The Ex-President seems to be under the impression that he will return to power by August. Irresponsibly being reported on by the media (even though they really should know better by now) sources close to the man what lost the 2020 election is listening to the “bottom of the bottom of the crazies” who are feeding him delusional fantasies of returning him to unimpeachable (heh) power. One guy seems to be taking credit for it.

I swear to Christ if the Republic falls because of this fuckin’ guy…

The MyPillow Guy has been on a one man crusade to bring a certain leader back to power. From showing up at the White House with plans to declare martial law after the election to now telling the former President he’ll be back in power by August. https://tinyurl.com/26t6tnjs

Used to just be annoyed that I’d see his dumb vacuous smile all over the Bed Bath & Beyond, now I gotta deal with him encouraging a March on Rome every six months or so. Living through Hellworld has been a journey for us all, I guess.

In any event, the one-term President is probably engaging in these delusions because there’s a very good chance he or his kids will soon be seeing state-level indictments from New York. Unless Cy Vance really, really doesn’t want an indictment for some stupid reason, the Grand Jury will likely do so. Really would love to see that family tear itself apart to save themselves.

Speaking of ongoing investigations, the Feds are also looking into whether Florida Congressman and noted sex pest Matt Gaetz obstructed justice. Central to the obstruction probe is a phone call a witness with Gaetz’ ex-girlfriend who then “patched in” Gaetz into the call. It’s unknown what was said but the witness was brought into the orbit by Gaetz’ one-time “wingman” Joel Greenberg. Obstruction of Justice is just one of the many potential charges surrounding the congressman, so things are going well for him. https://tinyurl.com/3939av43

Finally, Benjamin “BiBi” Netanyahu looks to be finally on his way out of power. A far ranging coalition of leftist, Arab, centrist, and far right parties in the Knesset have come to an agreement that will oust the Prime Minister. Under this tenuous coalition, the next PM would be Neftali Bennett, a politician described as even further right than Netanyahu. So things wouldn’t necessarily look better for Palestine, but it would finally get rid of an incredibly corrupt politician who has held onto his office with dogged tenacity. Partly, I’m sure, because there are lots of charges of bribery and corruption he’ll have to answer for when he’s no longer in power. We’ve been here before though. Hopefully this coalition can stay together long enough to get him out. https://tinyurl.com/h27nxkbw

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