The Dai Dark Night Thread of 5/17

Dai Dark is the new manga from Q Hayashida of Dorohedoro fame.

Well, actually it started three years ago, but it only started being official published in English, so whatever.

Dai Dark is the story of Zaha Sanko, a 14-year-old who is cursed with a skeleton (like, the one inside him) that will grant any wish. This naturally makes him a target for a lot of unscrupulous sorts as he travels through space (I forget to add, it’s set in space) Luckily he has friends to help him out, like his sentient backpack/spacesuit Avakian (who is a skeleton) and the personification of death.

Like Dorohedoro, Dai Dark is a weird blend of horrific visuals, heartwarming friendship, and humor.

Sanko and his favorite food.

I highly recommend it.