“Stan Moves To Chicago ” American Dad S18 Ep3

Stan moves to Chicago to become a comic while Steve and Hayley host Roger for a nice night in.

While watching TV Stan sees that his former college friend has made a successful comedy career for himself. Stan is jealous.

Flashback time where Stan relates the story of college and comedy with his new friend

But after graduation Stan is too scared to make the leap of faith to a crazy life

So Stan decided to moveto Chicago to start a comedy career all these years later

But the problem is that Stan is not funny. Francine intervenes by booking a stand up gig at a local pizza place. By the way, Francine wants Stan to fail so he’ll come back home where she can have all the sex she wants.

Stan’s standup debut flops

Bullock calls about a mission to protect Colin Joke on SNL from the Chinese.

Stan moves to NYC! Stan gets on SNL!

And Stan gets on Weekend Update and promptly bombs.

Francine’s help saves the day (but not this episode)

Stane saves the day in the end. Mission accomplished

I’ve heard of an episode bombing, but this is ridiculous

B Plot

Roger tries to get Steve and Hayley to party while the parents are away. Steve and Hayley tell Roger to give a peaceful weekend a try.

Roger secretly poisons them instead while watching “The Beguiled”.

Off to the hospital!