Marbula One Season 2: GP12 Midnight Bay Qualifiers

Its been an exciting season of Marbula One, with the rise and dominance of Crazy Cat’s Eyes the lead story coming out of it. They’ve clinched first place for the season. But there’s still position to jockey for behind our leaders and of course, pride. And to close the season we journey to the Midnight Bay, home of the Midnight Wisps for our final set of qualifiers ahead of tomorrow’s race.

The layout of the Midnight Bay

Hop of the Jungle Jumpers and Lemon-Lime of the Limers are the first two to set a pace on this track full of many snake-like twists and turns. Hop sets the early pace time with a 27.34 lap, Lemon-Lime just over two and a half seconds back and we are off with this set. Minty Fresh and Razzy are your next two. Minty Fresh sets the new pace time, beating Hop by three-tenths of a second. Razzy nestles in between Hop and Lemon-Lime for now, just over eight-tenths of a second back, they looked good coming out of sector 2 but couldn’t build on that. Rima and Sea are the next two marbles on the track. Sea will finish over a full second out of first while Rima joins Lemon-Lime in the back of the pack. Yellow and Snowy are the next two and like their immediate predecessors on the track they just can’t put a dent in the top spots, they will take 5th (Snowy) and 6th (Yellow) for the moment. Orangin and Bumble are the final two for the first half of our racers. Neither one can make purple in any sector but Bumble will get a good run in. They finish in third, knocking Razzy down a spot while Orangin will take eighth, finishing only ahead of Rima and Lemon-Lime.

Clutter and Cerulean are the next two marbles and they must have been watching those other qualifiers closely because the two of them have near pristine runs and both finish ahead of Minty Fresh’s previously top time. Cerulean is now your pace-setter with a 26.56 and Clutter just under three-tenths of a second behind. 28.82 is now the time to beat for teams hoping to avoid elimination in this final grand prix. The hometown racer Wispy and Mimo are the next two out. Mimo finishes in sixth and secures a spot for tomorrow but big disappointment to the Midnight Bay crowd as Wispy will finish twelfth. Wispy will need a lot of help to avoid a DNQ at home. Pulsar and Bolt are out next and neither can get any magic going. Bolt finishes just ahead of Wispy but also in danger of not qualifying with four marbles left to go. Rapidly and Mallard are out next, finishing ninth and fourteenth respectively. Lemon-Lime and Rima are eliminated. Hazy and Yellow Eye are your final two. Both off the pace, neither will crack the top 8 finishers but both qualify for tomorrow. Bolt and Wispy are eliminated.

We’re onto the second round of qualifiers. Sea, Razzy, Mimo, Bumble, Hop, Minty Fresh, Clutter and Cerulean are your eight. Two laps and we are off! Minty Fresh and Cerulean are the two that pull away early, Minty Fresh in sector three makes a great move to pull ahead. Cerulean now trying to hold off Clutter and Bumble. Razzy is nipping at Bumble’s heels though in the second lap and a bad turn into the home stretch throws Bumble off. Razzy makes the move to pass and move onto Q3, perseverance pays off! Bumble, Sea, Hop and Mimo are left behind.

Minty Fresh starts Q3 off in pole position with Cerulean, Clutter and Razzy. But it doesn’t last, maybe they were too quick out of the gate? Minty Fresh goes up on the rails and slows themselves down tremendously, the other three marbles pass them by. Its Cerulean in the lead followed by Clutter and Razzy. Its close at the back half of sector 2 and through sector 3. Cerulean with some key blocking of Clutter to hold onto pole heading into the final lap. Both marbles jump up on the rail at the start of the lap, Razzy and Minty Fresh pick up some ground but neither can pass the lead marbles. As the lap continues Cerulean inches out to extend their lead. Clutter has a final burst in the final stretch but its not enough. Cerulean and the Kobalts have taken pole by three-tenths of a second. Their best finish of the season in the qualifying round. Clutter, Razzy and Minty Fresh will round out the top 4. What will tomorrow bring? Can’t wait to find out!