Marbula One Season 2: GP8 Momotorway

As you might recall from Friday’s qualifiers, Yellow of Mellow Yellow pulled off something of an upset by winning the qualifiers and earning the right to pole position for this race. Will it propel Mellow Yellow to their first victory of the season? Let’s see!

At first out of the gate its Yellow Eye shooting ahead and pulling an early lead out for themselves. But Yellow is feeling determined. The two of them trade the lead back and forth in the first lap. Snowy forces their way into the middle in lap 2, pushing Yellow Eye back a bit to 3rd place but Yellow is keeping themselves ahead. But shockingly Hop passes everyone in lap 3 and takes the lead for the Jungle Jumpers! Yellow Eye and Snowy must have been in some shock or maybe stumbled, because they fell back into 5th and 7th place respectively. Yellow soon falls back into 4th as Hop holds a lead over Hazy and Clutter. Its tight through the first 3 laps. Less than a second separates the top 7 marbles.

Yellow pulls back ahead in lap 4. Hop is back in 4th, behind Yellow, Clutter and Hazy. Clementin meanwhile jumps several spots into the top 5. Yellow Eye is shooting upwards again, going 8th to 3rd in a single lap. Hop is in free fall, somehow finding themselves in 11th place. If you’re trying to track the movements in the standings on screen its almost dizzying seeing the names rise and fall in the mid to back half of the top 10. Mallard is bouncing up and down, in and out of the top 3. Yellow and Clutter are battling, separated by less than a 10th of a second. Yellow does an amazing job at keeping Clutter at bay for a bit until succumbing in the 8th lap. Clutter takes first place and suddenly Yellow has Yellow Eye nipping at their heels. Meanwhile Mimo has gone from 16th to 4th in the standings. Oh and did I mention that Lemon-Lime has the fastest lap time? Forgive me, they did it while having a strong hold of 14th place somehow. This race is kinda crazy.

At the halfway mark Clutter is just over a second ahead of both Yellow and Yellow Eye with the rest of the field looking at roughly a two second or more gap to make up and catch the top 3. Mimo falls back a bit and Clementin and Mallard have both pushed into the top 5. Yellow Eye claims fastest lap time in the 10th lap and uses that momentum to push past Yellow in the 11th. And halfway through the 12th Yellow Eye is still going strong and overtakes Clutter as well to grab 1st. But the race is only two-thirds done. Can they hold on and give another medal to Crazy Cat’s Eyes?

The top spots hold fairly steady for a couple of laps. Yellow Eye is followed closely by Clutter and Yellow with Clementin remaining a couple of seconds back. Mallard is another second behind Clementin but soon loses ground to Hazy. They stumble further as the 14th lap goes on, dropping from 5th to 9th. Yellow is jockeying to try and pass Clutter but just can’t take a hold of second place to challenge Yellow Eye. Yellow Eye is adding precious tenths of a second to their lead as the number of laps tick down. Yellow soon falls a second and a half behind Clutter. Clutter is only 3/10ths of a second behind Yellow Eye as the final lap starts but just runs out of steam. Yellow Eye takes it and the Crazy Cat’s Eyes have added another medal in this year’s Marbula One. Clutter and Yellow will have to settle for silver and bronze respectively. Yellow Eye however does lose out on fastest lap at the end. Sea, who finishes in 10th place, actually nabs it and denies CCE an additional point.

– Greg Woods notes that Clutter is the first racer in Marbula One to podium twice at the same track (they won at the Momotorway last year).
– Yellow Eye and Red Eye are the top 2 individual racers so far this season with Bolt their closest competition.
– Crazy Cat’s Eyes with their 4 first place finishes are running away with Marbula One this year. They have 153 points, nearly doubling up each of the Green Ducks, Thunder Bolts and Team Momo who are your 2nd-4th place overall teams.