Comic Book Review – Scout’s Honor #2

Scout’s Honor #2

Writer – David Pepose 

Artist – Luca Casalanguida

“Uncharted Territory”

*SPOILER WARNING* – I will be discussing the events of last issue before talking about this issue.

We learned two jaw dropping revelations last issue – that Kit is a female, pretending to be male, so she can be part of the Ranger Scouts. The other – that the foundation of the Ranger Scouts was built on a lie. The Ranger Scouts were built to conquer and they killed Dr. Hancock. The men were trapped in a bunker to prevent them from escaping and laying waste to the surrounding areas. It’s this information that shakes Kit to her very core. How can she continue to follow her dream knowing this devastating truth?

We learn the reason why Kit wanted to be Ranger Scout in the first place and the history she shares with the Highwaymen in a flashback sequence that opens up this issue. After the Scoutmaster hears about her encounter against these fierce and lawless men and the bravery she showed eluding them, he wants a debrief of what transpired between Kit and these marauders. The Scoutmaster offers her a chance to take part in the Trials of the Eagle. She is shocked at the offer because only one person from the troop can be selected for this series of grueling tests. Dez is the chosen representative but the Scoutmaster is willing to make an exception for Kit, so that she may prove her worth. She thanks the Scoutmaster for his offer but declines.

Some of my friends will give a new series three issues to decide if they will keep reading it or not. I was immediately hooked on Scout’s Honor by the end of the first issue. Kit has to decide if she will continue as a Ranger Scout or call it quits. She makes her decision and I can’t wait to see what will happen next issue. I spoke about Kit and Dez’s rivalry last issue and there is a moment between the both of them that could destroy their friendship for good I did not see coming. A real shocker for sure! I have a feeling that the Highwaymen are the Ranger Scouts Dr. Hancock tried to warn others about in the recording he left and that Kit found. We will have to stay tuned to find out if my hunch is correct or if it’s a red herring. I’m curious to see if anyone will discover that Kit is a girl or if she will be able to continue the charade. If her secret is discovered, what will happen to her and her father?

There’s only one to find out the answers to these questions and that is by picking up the next issue of Scout’s Honor. Issue Three will be released on March 10th, 2021. Here is a link to the solicitation.