The NAMM Show 2021 – We Believe in Music Week, Day 5!

WOOOOOOOO we made it!!! The fifth and final day of NAMM 2021! And they said it couldn’t be done. (Okay, that was me…I said it couldn’t be done, or more likely, it wouldn’t. That just shows what I know!)

You know, it’s impossible to see every cool thing at NAMM and I always walk away wondering if I missed the coolest thing at NAMM. But the coolest thing for me this year was just to be able to share everything here at The Avocado. I’ve had a blast and I hope everyone that visited these threads over the past week has shared in that fun as well.

Thank you all for hanging in there and putting up with me as I get increasingly punchy. It’s been quite a week…we’ve seen a lot of great gear, listened to some phenomenal musicians, and found some new and creative ways to drain our wallets and annoy our neighbors. I’m going to go ahead and call this whole thing an amazing, unparalleled success!

(Don’t believe me? Well, feel free to check out day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4.)

Now let’s wrap this puppy up!