Comic Book Chat – Scarlet Witch and Vision

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Today’s Discussion – Scarlet Witch and Vision

WandaVision will be premiering on Disney Plus this week so today’s focus of the CBC will be Avengers members Wanda Maximoff and the synthezoid Avenger Vision.

Former Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member Scarlet Witch joined the Avengers much to the chagrin of the public. The Vision was sent to infiltrate Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and destroy them from within but turned against his creator and joined their ranks. Both were outsiders that found their place on the team and helped save Earth more times you can count on one hand.

They have had a long history both separately and together in the Marvel Universe.

Discussion topics for today include:

Your favorite issue/storyline featuring Wanda and Viz

Guesses about what happens on WandaVision/What you’d like to see happen on the show

Best/worst moments featuring these characters

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