30 Day Music Challenge Day 7: Your Favorite Playback System

The journey to enjoying music can come in many ways. Sometimes just a simple piece of gear, like your basic radio, will deliver all you need. And you may have some of the best memories associated with that. For some, the pursuit becomes a real drive over the years and you’re continually upgrading and searching for that perfect delivery system that will just move your soul. And as technology changes, it’s been all over the map. But what we want to know today is what was your favorite playback system over the years? Which one just made the biggest impact?

Mine is similar to what you can see below. I had something almost exactly like that except with a black case unit and a glass door on the front and top. I had bought it from the Sears Catalog after spending a summer mowing multiple yards on my street so I could afford it. I think it was like $400 at the time but it was my first big self-purchase in my life and one I worked toward as I was twelve or thirteen. I spent hours and hours listening to records and cassettes on it and fondly remember recording the New Year’s top 100 for a couple of years on it so I could recut my own mix tapes.

Which, oh yes, I sadly made for girls I was into and secretly left in their lockers.

Bonus question: What’s the worst piece of gear you bought specifically to enjoy music?