Jeopardy! recap for Fri., Jan. 1 (encore from Feb. 6, 2017)

Six-day champ Lisa trailed much of the way but made the lead when she was correct on DD2. Lisa then found DD3, bet only $400 and missed, but even that small amount cost her first place going into FJ as Jill had $13,200 vs. Lisa with $13,000 and Matt at $9.800.

DD1 – A FICTIONAL DEATH – In 1991 John Updike won his second Pulitzer for this aptly titled final novel about Harry Angstrom (Jill won $1,000.)

DD2 – BROADWAY SHOWS IN LATIN – “Mea Domina Bella” (Lisa won $1,200 from her score of $9,800 vs. $10,400 for Jill.)

DD3 – CLASSICAL MUSIC – Gustav Holst finished this work by writing “Mercury” in 1916 (Lisa lost $400 from her total of $13,400 vs. $10,400 for Jill.)

FJ – MYTHOLOGICAL NAMES – With depths of up to 30,000 feet, ocean trenches make up a zone named for this brother of Poseidon & his domain

For the first time during her run, Lisa didn’t know the correct FJ response, nor did her opponents on this Triple Stumper.

After Matt and Lisa were revealed to have lost everything, it looked like we might have a winner in Jill with a score of less than $400. However, Jill was apparently not thrilled with the category and only bet $399, taking the game with $12,801. Lisa departed with over $140,000.

That’s Before Our Time dept.: In a category of alliterative two-word phrases, no one could identify a photo of saddle shoes.

Contestant chit-chat: Matt runs a podcast that combines the topics of 70s soft rock and the Ottawa Senators. I’d like to listen, but I already have too many other 70s soft rock-Ottawa Senators podcasts stacking up.

Programming note: New episodes return on Monday with Alex’s final week.

Correct Qs: DD1: What is “Rabbit At Rest”? DD2: What is “My Fair Lady”? DD3: What is “The Planets”? FJ: Who is Hades?