30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 21: The Best Story

Today’s challenge is one that doesn’t apply to a whole lot of games, and admittedly to most of the games that I’ve played over the past decade. Back in the old days, the story wasn’t a huge part of video games. You could make up something for Space Invaders or Pac-Man or some such, and we saw that happen through TV shows, but actual story-based gaming didn’t come until a bit later and generally more on the PC side first. I cut my teeth on those Sierra Online games and they set the foundation along with others for how video game storytelling would be done for years and years to come.

Modern-day video game storytelling is incredibly complex now and it’s actually what keeps me away from a lot of games as I prefer things where I can drop in, play for 30 minutes, and drop out. The closest I come to these are the LEGO games and as much as I enjoy those I do think they’re often a bit of a cheat in questions like this because it’s a pre-existing property being reworked.

So what we want to hear today are what are the best story-based games that you’ve played? Regardless of whether game mechanics made it work or not. We want to know the stories that moved you.