WW 139 – Office Christmas Party – Day 1

You trundle into the conference room, red and green streamers dangling from the ceiling. In the center lies a table with dozens of hastily wrapped packages. Your boss stands next to the table, inviting you to take one.

None of you wants to go first. You stand in the corner and sip coffee. A coworker ambles up and asks if you’d like coffee with that sugar.

You were all so young and alive once. Your eyes were blue, not grey.

A brave soul in an ugly sweater lurches to the table, and then the floodgates break open: interns paid in experience and head tousles, hostages taken from the recent merger, recent transfers from other departments. All are moving to the pile.

You grab a box and huddle in a corner, undoing the bow and lifting the lid. What do we have here…


16 Employees – devoted worker drones. No powers but their votes and their items. Win when the scum factions are all dead.

4 Managers – wolves, who have a collective night kill, as well as any item powers they may have gotten. Win when they equal or surpass the number of remaining players and the Intern is also dead.

1 Disgruntled Intern – Serial Killer. Kills one person a night. Wins when it comes down to them and one other person.


  1. Sister Jude

2. Lindsay

3. April

4. Indeed

5. Side Character

6. Goat

7. Hicks

8. Jake

9. Raven

10. May

11. dw

12. hohodor

13. Ralph

14. malthusc

15. Marlowe

16. Emm

17. Cop

18. Sheleeta

19. Louie

20. Dicentra

21. Tiff

Backup: Narrowstrife


Huh. It seems no one has opened their present yet.


Twilight will be on Friday, December 18th at 3 PM CST.