30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 13: The Best Coin-Op Game

There are so many hours and quarters I’ve spent on coin-op games going back to my youth that it’s pretty ridiculous. I still have fond memories of the way the local low-tier department store in my town would change out the machines every six months or so with something new since the owner enjoyed playing them. Getting my early experiences on things like Joust was a delight to the thrill of the Indiana Jones game with the mine cart and all of its craziness.

Today, we want to hear about your favorite coin-op game or experience! You can break them out into different types if you want, we’ll go pretty open here.

Friends and I would go regularly to Fun & Games in central MA growing up, especially after we got our own licenses and had part-time jobs, and would just spend hours going through a lot of great stuff. As a group, it’s still a toss-up between the X-Men game and the TMNT games for me that were the most fun.