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The Weekend PT Finally Caught Ted Cruz

First I was going to write about Boris Johnson absolutely whiffing the Brexit talks and the UK preparing for a no-deal Brexit, in which the complicated history of the English empire comes up against trade deals and border crossings.

AND THEN I was going to write about how Morocco and Israel held some sort of peace talks and how my friend in Israel didn’t even know that was a big deal to people the way the US started to take credit. I thought I’d sneak in the news about Pompeo’s shady grifting on state trips and talk about the assasination of the nuclear scientist setting up a situation the US may take advantage of.

Except then there was US news of coups, court cases, vaccines, more court cases, the vaccine being approved, Disney investor day, the moratorium on evictions being over, more court cases, the Texas GOP bringing up sedition, probably more court cases.

I haven’t done a deep dive on Parler yet either, the new social media for people who found….I guess r/conservative too liberal? It’s a cesspool, and it should hopefully be shut down by next week because they’re literally talking about assasinating people right now.

At one point there was a plan to link that wonderful longform Atlantic article about all the weird ways the election could be resolved before Monday’s official vote of the electoral college.

But I also wanted to dunk on Ted Cruz for offering to argue before the Supreme Court one of the world’s dumbest arguments, because political parties aside everyone hates Ted Cruz.

And then my daughter got COVID. And whew boy, was that a whole thing. There was going to be a rant about covid, I’m sure my eighth or ninth this year. And that was all well and good, but late Friday night THEY CRACKED THE FUCKING ZODIAC KILLER CYPHER. Ted Cruz ended up trending due to it, and if that’s not a shiny bright spot of political discourse I don’t know what is.

Also, did you know, there is a theory that D.B. Cooper and the Zodiac Killer were the same person? I learned all sorts of things this week.