Sports Corner Remembers Maradona

To be honest, I don’t know a ton about soccer. But it’s fair to say that Diego Maradona – usually just called by his last name – had an outsized presence. His successes on the Argentinian national team and as a club player are legend, and the demons that haunted him and no doubt brought him to an early death were as great. And there is the “Hand of God” goal, a moment that despite breaking perhaps the most important rule of soccer is hailed as something transcendent by many (even if some aren’t afraid to call it cheating). There have been other stars, and no doubt will be more. But it seems likely there will be just the one Maradona.


  • Last Thursday’s Ravens-Steelers game is now supposed to be today’s game. Assuming the COVID outbreak can finally be contained. I would not bet on it.
  • NBA training camps open as the dust settles from the sprint from trade day to the draft to free agency.
  • No word yet on when, or if, the NHL will resume
  • I saw something about Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. boxing. What was up with that?

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.