30 Day TV Challenge Day 30: How You Mostly Watch TV

As we hit the final day of our 30 day TV challenge, we want to know how you primarily watch TV and your history with it. There was, once upon a time, a period when the majority of the country watched TV in the same way and had the same ten or so channels at best at their disposal. But with the advent of pay services and then cable specifically, it opened up to a lot more. And as the TV eventually became a computer, even more changes happened that are generational in how we watch TV. It’s usually not the family gathered around in the evening with the old big box in the living room anymore.

The nature of my work has me watching shows across a range of devices, from iPads to my desktop and then to my main preferred set, which is a Sony 70″ in a dedicated media room. I’ve always wanted to have a good dedicated room and about a decade ago was able to get just that where it can be completely darkened with no distractions and at night having just that 70″ screen to soak up a show or movie is incredibly immersive. But we still work with a range of devices and styles, often tied to just how much we want to pay attention, especially with second-screening things.

How do you watch TV these days and how has it evolved for you?

Bonus question: Do you have a dream home theater?