The Creative Endeavors Thread Wishes the Best of Luck

This is the space for our members to discuss and share their creative projects, ranging from written works to drawings, photography, and even craft projects such as knitting and woodworking. Self promotion is welcome (websites where we can view and/or purchase your work). Please do continue to preface if content is NSFW and be sure to properly spoiler/link such content.

Not much to say today, except good luck to us all, whether we live in the States or no. I am (hopefully) off to my polling place to “poll greet” for a few hours (basically reminding voters to vote the entire ballot; there are a couple of state Supreme Court seats up for grabs that could flip our judiciary for the better). I already voted several weeks ago and I don’t really want to do this, but what can you do? The subsequent power-chill at home, seeking some refuge from the tension and uncertainty that’ll certainly follow, should hopefully be delicious if nerve-wracking. Hoping all of you find solace, comfort and hope in your own creative endeavors this week and hereafter.

I do want to give a special Halloween weekend shoutout. Apples posted a link Saturday to a telethon put on by Chicago band Ratboys on behalf of the Equal Justice Initiative and Girls Rock Chicago: I wound up getting sucked into it a little, not least as one of my main cultural goals this winter has been to catch up on music since… 2014 or thereabouts. It proved a really fun place to dip into every now and again, and did a lot to lift my mood this weekend and remind me how much I used to love new music and how vital and inspiring it still is even in these uncertain times (both for music and at large). I want and need for it to be a creative fuel again and this weekend was a major step towards that happening. Sloot even saved the playlist, which I’ll link here:

Today’s header is a self-portrait done Election Morning 2018, during which I and other early voters waited in line at my polling place. May everything today go as smoothly and as happily (on national and state terms, at least) as it did two years ago.

How’s your work going?