The Friday Politics Thread gets lost in the mail

Hi Politicadoes. Today I had something so scandalous to tell you, it was going to bring down the whole PT! I had so much proof I needed to mail it to myself, just to be safe. But wouldn’t you know it, it got lost in the mail. Or at least I haven’t received it yet. The tracking # says it’s somewhere in Perth Amboy. So clearly, someone didn’t want you to hear this scandalous information I had about @the hunter. But you can assume it was so awful, so heinous, so wrong!

Later today, be on the lookout for a special appearance of RoRo in her 2020 Halloween costume.

Play nice with each other. Next week is going to be mentally challenging, so enjoy this Friday as much as you can! Be empathetic, remember the peace, love and understanding stuff. Don’t McSquirrel, report the occasional claim and once again, do not engage in hog poggle, even if you are peer pressured into it.

No Ben Garrison!

Happy Friday!